Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week #5 ♦ Thing #12 ♦ Rollyo

After my experimentation with Rollyo I have a couple of thoughts.

1. It is a great tool! Recently, we lost access to Nettrekker, a great resource that allowed students to search credible, reliable websites that had been reviewed for content. With all of the junk out there on the free web, it is often challenging for students to find good information. With Rollyo, my students still have the benefit of using the web, but I have control over where they search.

2. There has to be something wrong with the site. I tried different browsers and different computers and to no avail. It took FOREVER for the pages to load, and sometimes they wouldn't load at all. This is definitely a deterrent. Middle school students are notoriously impatient, so this would be a problem.

That being said, here is my Rollyo website for career exploration. I designed it for my 7th grade public speaking class.

Their assignment is to research a career for an informative speech. I chose websites that were informative and age appropriate. Their speeches should contain the following:

Introduction- attention getter, thesis statement, & preview
Body- job responsibilities, education/ training, salary, job availability, skills required

Their speeches will be evaluated on content, organization, & delivery using a rubric. Students will also complete a self-evaluation.


  1. it looks like you're close to finishing your lesson -- at least you have a good foundation.
    Glad you're building your repertoire of good sites.

  2. in a couple of cases, you have about the same site. Also collective bargaining in the 1990s isn't very relevant