Monday, December 14, 2009

Module #5 & Closing Thoughts

Assistive technology in the classroom is just another way we can help our students be successful. Every student deserves a good education in an environment they feel comfortable in. It is my goal for all of my students to feel comfortable in my classroom (and hopefully someday in my library!). I think the resources that have been provided during this course will definitely help me achieve that goal! This week’s lesson plans were particularly interesting- I loved the booklists with books that include characters with disabilities. I think it is a great eye opener for students and a way to teach tolerance and acceptance.

Final Thoughts
This class has been a great experience for me. I love technology, but I have always been intimidated by it. Don’t get me wrong- there is still so much I have to learn, but this experience has given me a great start. I personally enjoyed the 23 Things. I discovered so many cool tools that I can use in my personal as well as my professional world. The assistive technology modules were a real eye-opener for me because there isn’t a huge emphasis placed on AT at my current school. Honestly, it wasn’t even something I thought about until now. I plan on proposing my tech plan to our real technology committee. Even if they don’t take my suggestions, it could mean a start for implementing AT into our current plan. I thought the texts were especially appropriate. The Jurkowski text explained things to me that I should have known a long time ago, but never did (like the difference between hardware and software). I have enjoyed my time in this class and I look forward to continuing my technological discoveries!