Monday, September 7, 2009

Week #1 ♦ Thing #1 ♦ About

23 Things About the 23 Things:

1. Classroom Learning 2.0 blog
2. Part of the CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 program
3. Modified from The Learning 2.0 program designed by Helene Blowers (Technology Director, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County)
4. Loosely based upon Stephen Abram's article, 43 Thing I (or You) might want to do this year(Information Outlook, February 2006) and the website 43 Things (Hyperlink to:
5. Completely online
6. Teaching tool
7. Provides 23 "things" or online learning activities
8. Introduces emerging technologies
9. Encourages experimentation
10. Can help incorporate technology tools into teaching and library programs
11. Built on Web 2.0 technologies
12. Uses all free resources including: Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, PBWiki & Bloglines
13. Promotes self-discovery
14. Open to anyone who wants to grow
15. Can be completed in 9 weeks
16. Allows you to work at your own pace
17. Provides an outlet to share ideas with other educators
18. Helps educators stay up-to-date with the technologies students are using
19. Encourages learners to work together and share discoveries
20. Pushes participants to be resourceful
21. Supports learners with positive reinforcement
22. Provides support from the 2.0 team
23. Is fun!!!

-Information provided from the Classroom Learning 2.0 blog found at www.

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