Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week #9 ♦ Thing #22 ♦ ebooks

I do not have a Kindle, but it is definitely on my wish list! I have visions of myself sunning myself on a beach somewhere, sipping something fruity with a Kindle in the other hand. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Our school library has purchased ebooks. I didn’t realize that you purchase an ebook the same way you would purchase a paper copy. If there is only one copy of the ebook and a student has it checked out, no one else can access it. I was surprised! I would think that if you purchased an ebook, students would have unlimited access. Our superintendent has toyed with the idea of purchasing Kindles and digital textbooks for our students. Although I think that technology is fantastic, I still believe that kids need to touch real books. Not to mention that I don’t think our students are responsible enough to handle such delicate technology.

I didn’t join Project Gutenberg, but I think it would be a worthwhile investment. Only $8.95 to be able to access over 500,000 ebooks. It is definitely something I will think about. It is kind of scary to think about how our role as librarians is constantly evolving. I mean, just imagine a world with no paper books- everything completely digital. We wouldn’t be needed for circulation, perhaps just for cataloging and entering the data. Like I said, I personally like to touch real, paper books. There is nothing like walking into a library and smelling the leather from the old volumes. If the world went completely digital, I would miss that.

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