Sunday, November 29, 2009

Digital Citizenship

I’ve never heard the term “netiquette” before, but wow, it is relevant! Our school has recently instituted the OLWEUS bullying prevention program and what we have come to realize is that cyberbullying is a HUGE problem that our students face on a daily basis. A vast majority of our kids belong to social networking sites like and Facebook. They also own cell phones and are proficient texters. We spend a great deal of time talking about Internet safety and how to behave appropriately when in cyberspace and how to deal with inappropriate behavior. The links provided were really helpful, and I am going to share them with our guidance counselor- they may come in handy as parent resources. I found the following article particularly interesting!


  1. Another great resource on "netiquette" is Did you have a chance to look at this last week? I was really impressed with the quality of lessons and videos for middle schoolers.

  2. Thanks Louie! I did check it out and it is definitely something I can use at school for our bullying prevention program!