Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week #7 ♦ Thing #17 ♦ Sandbox Wiki

My contribution to the Classroom 2.0 Sandbox Wiki (Located under Your Award Winning Websites)- I have learned so many cool things during my exploration of Classroom Learning 2.0’s 23 Things. I was so excited about these new tools, and I have been able to share a lot of what I am learning with my colleagues. I wish Rollyo would run a little faster because that is such a great concept! We have had tons of fun with the image generators and avatars, and I can think of tons ways to use blogs and wikis in the classroom and/or library. But, my favorite thing so far was a little website called The Traveler IQ Challenge. It is great! We have smartboards in our classrooms at school, so I pull the website up on the board and the kids LOVE playing it! –Becca (Hatalowich) Bazzar, LS589.W2

Wikis are fantastic tools! I would love to try the wiki book club idea, even if it was something informal for my English class. Since it would be school-related, I would have to be careful to monitor all of the information posted on the wiki daily. I think I would also have to keep it on a voluntary basis because not all of our students have Internet access outside of school. I can wait to see how technology continues to evolve and how it will enhance education!

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